5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating a Social Media Strategy

Before your company sets up that long-awaited Facebook page or visually captivating Pinterest account, have you thought about your social media marketing strategy?  This not only helps answer what your social media objectives will be, but also spurs questions related to how and why social media will positively influence your overall online marketing goals. While there are numerous questions to ask when developing a social media marketing strategy, here are my top 5 questions that every business should be asking.


1. Can our website convert the traffic from social media marketing?

A social media strategy will inevitably involve all facets of your online marketing efforts. Your company’s Facebook page may be the first touch point between brand and customer, but it is not the ideal platform for shamelessly promoting your product or service.

When someone visits your website they are naturally inclined to have your brand at the center of their attention. What do you do, Where can I buy your product, and Why should I by your offering are but a few of the questions roaming their conscious. Here, it is safe for YOU to talk about YOUR product or service. When people are ready to buy, your conversion-oriented website will be there to guide them to that transaction.

Make sure your other online assets- such as your website- are prepared to capitalize on this new change, and all of your bases are covered.


2. Can we respond to every interaction, on every social media platform?

Focus on quality over quantity when selecting your social media platforms of choice. One highly active Twitter account is more engaging than four stale company social media accounts.


3. Which platform best communicates our message, and facilitates interaction between our company and its target market?

Pinterest is excellent for visually showcasing your customers’ lifestyle and establishing a community bond, while Google+ makes it easy to share mixed content such as images, blog posts, and videos.

By this time you’ve probably answered the common “is our customer on Google+” question. Now, devote some time towards asking how your brand will maintain its presence on Google+.


4. Is the proposed social media strategy sustainable?

It would be great if every company could achieve the goals it sets out for on social media; unfortunately, other aspects of everyday business may deter them from the social media game plan. A dormant account is frustrating for all parties; so be realistic, and set practical objectives.


5. Is this activity a response to the market, or is it an intentional, active approach?

If a company is just joining Facebook in response to it’s target market’s long-time presence, a lot of the company activity on the page may be response-oriented. Whatever approach brought you into the social media game will likely influence your behavior in that realm. Will you catch people’s attention, or has their attention simply caught you?


A Starting Point

Yes, you’ll want to ask many, many more questions before diving into social media, but these are 5 imperatives to your company’s long-term strategy.

Is your firm keeping up-to-date with the latest social media platforms? For tips on the latest social media trends, check out this SlideShare today!

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