Is Your Blog Like a TV Series? (It Should Be!)

Every blog has a unique story to tell. Like a hit TV series, your blog should captivate a specific audience and entice them to come back whenever new content is published. Keeping people on the edge of their seat and in constant anticipation of your next episode post is critical for engagement. So what elements of a TV series does a great blog take on? Let’s discuss.


TV Series

1. Character Development

Since television series are drawn-out over longer time spans as compared to hour-long movie flicks, it’s only natural that viewers get a deeper sense of familiarity with the characters in these series. We feel a stronger connection to these characters than their box office counterparts as we learn more about their background, mannerisms, insecurities and dreams. One of my favorite examples of this was from the hit sitcom, The Office.

For writers, your blog provides the ideal platform to let your character come to life. Each article gives readers a look at your style, beliefs, interests and persona. As you open up to your audience, a deeper emotional bond is formed through every written word.


2. Regularly Scheduled Content

Timing is everything. And when it comes to captivating masses of people on a regular schedule, TV series producers are experts at getting millions of people to tune-in to their favorite show each week. But these little rendezvous aren’t spontaneous; rather, these shows teach people to turn on their favorite show at a specific day and time every week.

Growing your readership takes a similar style of commitment. Building- and sticking to- a consistent publishing schedule means you’re making a promise to your readers that a new piece of content will be ready for their eyes on a particular day and time each week. Whether you publish daily, weekly, or even monthly, be sure to stick with a feasible publishing schedule to build trust and reliability with your audience.


3. Tying-in Past Events

Our pasts have a significant bearing on who we are today, adding credibility to our perspective while giving readers a unique look at why we take a certain stance on niche topics. In TV series, we’re often presented with a unique view into the previous monumental events that shaped a character’s behavior.

When it comes to blogging, be sure to share some of those life-altering moments from your past. This can help highlight what makes you an expert in your field, while explaining key events that led you to think, write, and execute your business in your own unique way.


4. Flashing Forward to Future Events

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, then you know the power of flash-forward scenes. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, the producers revealed a scene from the final season about mid-way through the series. Although the scene was just a snippet, that fleeting moment gave viewers a peek into the future, letting their imagination run wild with far-reaching notions of what was to come.

If you’re going to be an authority in your niche, it’s important to make bold predictions about the future of your industry that no one else can see. When those predictions do come true, your readers’ hair will stand on end, as a tingle of excitement rushes through their veins. Moreover, your ability to forecast upcoming events can keep readers engaged as they wait to see if your predictions come true.


5. Behind-the-Scenes Action

A lot of hard work goes into a major TV series such as The Walking Dead. In fact, the making of a show like this provides the much sought-after extra content their fans are just dying to consume (pun fully intended). Each week, the popular series provides behind the scenes peek at how the previous episode was created, noting all the little details that led up to various scenes.



As an inbound marketer or business owner, giving a sneak peek into how you’ve come to be such an amazing brand is a story in and of itself. These little snapshots of “how it was made” promotes the authenticity of your brand, while also making your audience feel as though you trust them, too (since you’re willing to go above and beyond to share an inside look at how the magic came to be!).

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