Everyone has a Part to Play

As I picked up the rake and headed out to tackle some Fall yard work this past weekend, my adorable black lab (Bailey) quickly snatched the work gloves from my hands which sparked an all-out chase around the yard. What started out as a routine task turned into an unexpected, yet much-needed, realignment in perspective, as I recalled an important lesson that applies to both business and life.

Everyone has a Part to Play- No Matter How Big or Small

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The photo below shows Bailey standing proud atop a freshly raked pile of crisp Fall leaves. What this photo doesn’t show you is the 5 minute chase we had moments before the photo was taken.



Sprinting around the pool, our feet pounding against the hardened ground, we stormed through piles of leaves until I caught up with Bailey. I found myself exhausted by the end of the chase, but refreshed and ready to take on the blanket of leaves just waiting to be raked-up.

You see, Bailey has a special way of reminding me that while raking leaves is something only I can do (we haven’t gotten that far in his training), he brings a unique spark to the activity with his infinite supply of energy and an unrelenting desire to turn everything into a game.

As I caught my breath and put on my work gloves, I looked back at Bailey and was reminded that with anything in life, everyone has an important part to play, whatever their strengths may be.

When it comes to business, that becomes even more critical as the skills we lack (or are trying to improve) can be well compensated by people who specialize in those areas.

This results in greater efficiency, and of course greater enjoyment in our projects.

At Mannix, I help create a variety of inbound marketing strategies and resources that push our clients and our agency to new heights. But I’m not alone in these endeavors.

I’m blessed to work with an outstanding team of designers who match colors with emotions, SEOs who position content directly in front of its intended audience, and a few amazing developers who turn concepts into realities.

As an inbound marketer who crafts an array of marketing plans, it’s clear that when everyone plays their part in fulfilling these strategies, our deliverables exceed the expectations of our agency, our clients, and- most importantly- our end-users.

The Lesson

Whatever your role in business or in life, never lose perspective of how your team’s skills can impact the success of the project. Every task presents a new opportunity for leveraging one another’s strengths, and finding enjoyment in the task. The question is: How do you leverage the skills of your team to enhance the final outcome of a project or task?

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